The shit that happened in Steubenville, OH really makes me physically sick. What’s worse is that the town doesn’t seem to find it a big deal and would rather not acknowledge it because the boys who raped that girl are “football stars” in a “football town” get the fuck out of here. You know the world is going to shit when sports come before rape. Regardless of whether the girl was drunk, or whether she was already sexually active, or whether she is open about her sexuality the bottom line is these boys took advantage of her and then exploited her as if she weren’t even a living, breathing human being. They thought it was fun and saw nothing wrong with their actions and because they can run across a fucking field and make a few touchdowns they should be off the hook? It doesn’t matter if that girl slept with every man in town, rape is rape whether the girl is a virgin or has had multiple sexual partners. I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that people are defending these boys as if the girl is at fault. There is no such thing as “asking for it”. No one asks to be raped, rape happens without consent so if she wanted it this entire story wouldn’t exist. Dressing provocatively is not “asking for it”, being flirtatious is not “asking for it”. People make me fucking sick.